Medieval Clubs and Hammers
About Medieval Clubs and Hammers:

War clubs were used since the ancient times as a blunt weapon that was easy to handle, cheap to manufacture and very effective. War hammers were used as a main weapon against plate armor and against foes who wore steel helmets. These weapons were able to deliver a lot of destructive energy through the thick steel plate and cause extensive damage or trauma. 
Medieval Clubs and Hammers
Our war club is made of wood and it features metal spikes embedded into the wooden head. The war club looks really authentic and it is full size. The war hammers we offer are battle ready and some of them are only for decorative purposes. The decorative ones are made in Italy.
The Rittersteel War Club is Hand crafted. Overall length approximately 25". Blackened iron bands and pointed studs are secured on a seared wood handle.
Medieval War Club
This authentic looking war hammer was hand-crafted according to the originals found in many museums throughout the world. The war hammer features a blackened steel head and spike and a blackened and seared wooden handle. The overall length of this medieval weapon is about 29 inches.
Medieval War Hammer
These war hammers were really fearsome weapons. The sharp spiked end of the war hammer was able to penetrate any plate armor and the blunt hammer part could deliver powerful blows to the head, joints and other areas causing blunt force trauma injuries and crushing bones. Our war hammer is 25" in overall length and its carbon steel hammer part is 6 inches in length.
Medieval War Hammer
The "Martel-de-Fer" or War Mallet is a very special medieval weapon following the medieval mace in antiquity. Also referred to as a war hammer, it was a favored weapon of both horsemen and foot soldiers between the 14th and 15th centuries. Our decorative war mallet is made in Italy and it is a perfect reproduction to decorate any medieval room or office. The overall length is 26-03/4".
Decorative Medieval War Mallet
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