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About Medieval Weapons:

Our medieval weapons are inspired by the actual historical artifacts found in various museums around the world. Our medieval weapons are as close to those authentics as it is possible. The medieval weapons replicas are manufactured by skillful craftsmen using the same (time and labor intensive) techniques that were used in the Middle Ages. Our medieval product line consists of various weapon types such as close combat, melee weapons and ranged weapons. The close combat melee weapons consist of clubs, war hammers, swords and axes. Our ranged weapons consit of various crossbows. 
Medieval Swords
The medieval swords we carry are available in two distinctive sword lines. The first one called Ritter Steel consists of a variety of fully functional and beautifully done swords. The second line called Stage Steel consists of battle ready swords that feature blunt sword blades to reduce the chance of injury during sword practice sessions.
The medieval maces we offer are authentic looking and come in variety of designs. Some of the maces feature spiked metal heads and wooden handles. Others feature flanged heads and metal handles. Our maces are an absolute must for any serious medieval weapons collector.
Medieval Maces
War Clubs & War Hammers
Our authentic-looking war club consists of one wooden piece that features head with spiked metals. This is a serious and awesome-looking ancient and medieval weapon. Our war hammer collection consists of a few different looking war hammers that are made of brass and steel. The crown jewel of our collection is the war hammer from Ritter Steel line.
We offer a few medieval halberds replicated based on authentic European halberds from medieval Germany and Switzerland. These live-size halberds will be an incredible addition to any medieval room decor. In addtion to halbers we also offer an authentic looking, Celtic spear.
Medieval Halberds
Our medieval axe collection consists of axes of various sizes and shapes. The most popular axe of our line is the authentic-looking double-edged war axe from the Ritter Steel line. The warrior's axe is also very popular.
Medieval Axes
The medieval crossbows we care are made in Italy and they are for decorative purposes; however, some of the models have some functional ability. The medieval crossbows come in various sizes and various desings.
Medieval Crossbows
We carry decorative, Italian made flails and also Ritter Steel functional medieval flails which are live size and are simply impressive.
Medieval Flails
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